aspirations summed and inspirations absorbed
about humble inquiries and often simple answers
the math and the art and through the blur of them all,
clear are the impressions that form.

hive is a multidisciplinary design consultancy hub for architecture, interior and installation art.

earnest inquiries into the inspirational, contextual and the spatial aspects and seeking their balance form the core of our practice.

we are keen collaborators and revel in the challenges of teamwork; for the layered and multi-disciplinary nature of our work to provide holistic solutions. one which are simple but not soul-less.
we are

  • vikrant sharma

  • gaurav dewan

  • shradha bhandari banerji

  • s.thiru

  • mandeep ratra

  • team

  • bodh intuitive homes

  • the deconstruction project

  • mgfx

  • designmatrix